Penegra dosage

penegra dosage The recommended dose of the drug is 50 milligrams, which is one half of a pill (traditional Penegra 100mg package is meant), but considering the optimal dosage, it is advisable to start with a smaller dose with a gradual increase up to one hundred milligrams. One pill should approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. Whereas the efficacy and tolerability, the dose can be reduced to 25 milligrams – to a quarter of a tablet. Receiving frequency must not be kept at a single dose per day. In the presence of lesions of the kidney, liver, and in 65+ years old patients it is recommended to start with a half of a pill.

Taking the medication is not recommended in any dosage if you have previously had an allergic reaction to any components. Such reactions may include rash, itching, swelling or shortness of breath. Combine sildenafil medicines with the ones containing nitrates or nitric oxide donators must be avoided due to the fact that sildenafil citrate may enhance the effect of these drugs.

Be careful when determining the dosage, or better abstain from taking sildenafil in the case of sickle-cell anemia, blood cancer, bone marrow, or disease of the penis.

Keep in mind that taking a number of medications can affect erectile dysfunction and even provoke erectile dysfunction. Thus, if you are undergoing medical treatment drugs that directly or indirectly affect the erection, use of Penegra can give an undesirable effect. Penegra is designed for males of 18+ age only.

There are no special recommendations for those in advance age or suffering from kidney and liver diseases. The exception is the exacerbation of the disease. During exacerbation sildenafil intakes must be avoided because the kidneys and liver are involved in the process of withdrawal from the body, and it is hard to predict the duration of such a process or serious irregularities in the work of these bodies; overdosing risks are quite high in this case.

In the event of overdose seeking for professional medical assistance is obligatory. Conventional dialysis does not help here, the treatment will be determined on the basis of symptoms.