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generic sildenafil onlineA new medical product Generic Penegra is a high quality analogue of Viagra which has a wide range of the advantages and meets all needs of men. The advanced market is full of the ED pills but, in spite of it, the sale of Generic Penegra grow every year due to the low cost and high quality of the product.

Many people wonder why the new analogues of the popular brand drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction are released. The answer is simple: a wide choice of the analogues gives a man an opportunity to choose, and the competition grows in this field, so that the production quality is increased. This is a good thing for men.

Sildenafil citrate has been synthesized by Pfizer company. Pfizer has registered Viagra brand name after the FDA approval. Pfizer owns the exclusive rights to this brand name but the molecular formula of Sildenafil is available. A lot of the Indian pharmaceutical companies have bought the rights to the production of Sildenafil and started producing Generics.

One pill of Generic Penegra contains 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate. The same quantity of Sildenafil is added to 1 pill of Viagra. There is no pharmacological difference between these drugs. The same mechanism of the action, similar therapeutic effect, identical time of the effect onset, and length of the action.

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The cost of the drug includes not only the expensed to the production of the drug but also other marketing expenses. The more popular and promoted brand name is, the more expensive the medicine will be. That is why, there is such a big difference in the price between Generic Penegra and Viagra.

In order to buy the brand drug in the city pharmacy a doctor’s prescription is required. This is an obligatory condition in most countries of the world. It causes certain difficulties which may be avoided by ordering Generic Penegra in the online pharmacy.

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